Udlærte danse

10/9 Thank You video

        Drink A Little Beer video

        There´s A Light(ny årsdans) her

        Codigo video

        Cheating By The Rules (ny) her

        Remember These Words video

        Lonely Blues video

 18/9 Mama Tried video

        Bonapartes Retreat video

        If You Need Me (årsdans) video

       Story video

       People Are Good video  

24/9 Country Boy Lovin`(årsdans) her

        When You Smile video

1/10 This and That video

        Let´s Fool Around video

        For The Longest Time(årsdans) video

        My Two Step Queen video

        Little Less Broken video

8/10  Right Now With You video

         Love Her For A While video

15/10 Vaya Con Dios (årsdans) video

          Get Back UPS video

26/11 This Little Thing video

           When The Deal Is Done video