Udlærte danse mandag!

Udlærte danse mandag!

17/9 : "DHSS" video

          "Cheap Talk" video

          "Send Me A Letter Amanda" video

          "Two Stepper" video

          "A Little Higer" video (vi danser til en anden melodi)

          "Broken Heart" video

          Why Did It Have To Be" video

          "Sweet Sweet Smile" video

          "I love You More And More" musik 

          "This And That" video

          "Come Dance With Me" video

15/10: "Thanks A Lot" video

            "Outside In" video

            "Stand By My Women Man" video

29/10: "Baby Bubbles" video

12/11: "Love Flowe" video

26/11: " Except Monday" video

    7/1: " I Close My Eyes" video

           " Vertical Expressions" video

21/1:  "Codigo" video

  4/2: "Special Delivery" video

18/2: " Why Dont`You" video

         " Tush Push" video

4/3: "People Are Crazy" video

        "DN" video

18/3:" Get It Right" video

         "Come Dance With Me" video

1/4 : " Mama Loo" video

         " Under The Sun" video

          " Crazy Foot Mambo" video

          "Rosegarden" video

15/4: " For The World" video

          " Love A Rainy Night" video