Nye danse:

5/9     Ready To Roll Koreograf: Dee Musk, Musik: Ready To Roll by Blake Shelton video

10/9   My First Love (Årsdans) Koreograf: Robbie McGowan Hickie, Musik: You're my First Love by Eden video

17/9   Hurry Up,Slow Down ( Årsdans) Koreograf: Séverine Fillion, Musik: Hurry Up, Slow Down by Don Derby video  

17/9  Mama Loo (Årsdans) Koreograf: Maria Maag, Musik: Mama Loo by Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer video

 24/9  You Got Away (Årsdans) Koreograf: Niels Poulsen, Musik: You Got Away by Ann Tayler video

1/10   Cheap Talk Koreograf: Gaye Teather, Musik : Talk Is Cheap by Alan Jackson video

1/10  Sweet Maureen (Årsdans) Koreograf: Rafel Corbi, Musik: Jambalaya - Sweet Maureen video

22/10 This is Me Koreograf: Yvonne Anderson, Musik: This Is Me Missing You by James House video

29/10 Skiffle Time Koreograf: Darren Bailey, Musik: Mama Don't Allow by The Jive Aces video

12/11 Whatcha Reckon Koreograf: Sue SMyth, Musik: Whatcha Reckon by Josh Turner video

12/11 Ready To Roll Koreograf: Dee Musk, Musik: Ready To Roll by Blake Shelton video

26/11 Reflection Koreograf: Alison Johnstone, Musik: Da Roots (ITGor Folk Mix) by Mind Reflection video

3/12  I'm Movin' On Koreograf: Anrdrew & Sheila Palmer, Musik: I'm Movin' On by Terry Clark video

21/1 Another Song Koreograf: Katae Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, Musik: Another Song I had to Write by Jacob Lyda video

21/1 Alabama Boy Koreograf: Francien Sittrop, Musik: Alabama Boy by Kacey Smith video


Repetition 2012/2013 danse:

Because of you (Olivia) stepsheet/video

Caballero - Cowboy Sweetheart

Don't you wish

Heart of an Angel

King of Apology

Pot of Gold

Sweet Little Dangerous