Torsdag 2

Nye danse:

5/9   Ready To Roll Koreograf: Dee Musk, Musik: Ready To Roll by Blake Shelton video

5/9   Inspiration Koreograf: Robbie McGowen Hickie, Musik: Heaven in My Woman's Eyes by Tracy Byrd video

19/9  You Got Away (Årsdans) Koreograf: Niels Poulsen, Musik: You Got Away by Ann Tayler video

24/10 All Over the Road Koreograf June Shuman, Musik: Easton Corbin video

31/10 Wagon Wheel Rock Koreograf: Yvonne Andersen, Musik: Wagon Wheel by Nathan Carter video

31/10 Mama Loo (Årsdans) Koreograf: Maria Maag, Musik: Mama Loo by Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer video

28/11 Just a Little Love Koreograf: Maggie Gallagher, Musik: Just a Little Love by Derek Ryan video

12/12 Side by Side  Koreograf: Patricia E. Stott, Musik: We Work It out by Joni Harms video

9/1 Reflection Koreograf: Alison Johnstone, Musik: Da Roots (ITGor Folk Mix) by Mind Reflection video

30/1 The Shoebox Koreograf: Dee Musk, Musik: The Shoebox by Chris Young video

13/2 Alabama Boy Koreograf: Francien Sittrop, Musik: Alabama Boy by Kacey Smith video

6/3 Clancy's Waltz Koreograf: Bill Goodlad, Musik: Clancy's Tavern by Toby Keith video

20/3 This is Me Koreograf: Yvonne Anderson, Musik: This Is Me Missing You by James House video

24/4 Go Mama Go Koreograf: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, Musik: Let Your Momma Go by Ann Tayler video

8/5 One Shot Koreograf: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, Musik: "Stripes" by Brandy Clark video


Repetition 2012/2013:

Bosa Nova

Caballero - Crazy Foot Mambo

Drunk'n Love Waltz

Forever and Ever

Islands in the Stream

Have you Ever Seen the Rain

People Are Crazy

Sea of Heartbreak - Side by Side

Telepathy - The Belle of Liverpool - Tomorrow Never Knows - Town Of Hope and Memories

Wave on Wave