Torsdag 1


Nye danse:

5/9    Hurry Up,Slow Down (Årsdans) Koreograf: Séverine Fillion, Musik: Hurry Up, Slow Down by Don Derby video  

5/9    Cheap Talk Koreograf: Gaye Teather, Musik : Talk Is Cheap by Alan Jackson video

19/9   Sweet Maureen (Årsdans) Koreograf: Rafel Corbi, Musik: Jambalaya - Sweet Maureen video

19/9   Lucky One  Koreograf: Marie Sørensen, Musik: Lucky One by Mr. Jack and the Daniels video

3/10   Mama Loo (Årsdans) Koreograf: Maria Maag, Musik: Mama Loo by Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer video

17/10   Whatcha Reckon Koreograf: Sue SMyth, Musik: Whatcha Reckon by Josh Turner video

17/10   What A Shame Koreograf: Annie Saerens, Musik: What A Crying Shame by The Mavericks video

31/10   Ready To Roll Koreograf: Dee Musk, Musik: Ready To Roll by Blake Shelton video

14/11  Hello Lady Harley Koreograf: Jack Taylor, Musik: Hello Lady Harley by Truck Stop video

28/11 Hurting Heart Koreograf: Niels Poulsen & Anna Korsgaard, Musik: You got Away by Ann Tayler video

28/11 Bucket List Koreograf: Gaye Teather, Musik: One Way Ticket by Billy Currington video

12/12 Another Song  Koreograf: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, Musik: Another Song I had to Write by Jacob Lyda video

30/1 Take a Breather Koreograf: Maggie Gallagher, Musik: I Need a Breather by Darryl Worley video

6/2 Baby Doll Waltz Koreograf: Larry Bass, Musik: Shake me, I rattle by Lisa Brokop video

20/2 High Cotton Koreograf: Niels Poulsen, Musik: High Cotton by Alabama video

6/3 The Size I Wear Koreograf: Marie Sørensen, Musik: The Size I Wear by Toby Keith video

3/4 Home to Louisiana Koreograf: Gilles Labrescque, Musik: Home to Louisiana by Ann Tayler video

10/4 Speak to the Sky Koreograf: Keith Davies, Musik: Speak to the Sky by Brendan Walmsley  video

8/5 Disapperaring Tail Lights Koreograf: Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick, Musik: Disappearing Tail Lights by Gord Bamford video


5/6 Welcome to the Weekend koreograf: Karl-Harry Winson, Musik: Welcome to the Weekend by Nathan Carter video   stepsheet

Repetition fra 2012/2013:

A Little Higher - All You Need

Blue Night Cha - Baby Belle

Cunnamulla Strut

D.H.S.S. - Dog River Blues - Don't You Wish - Druk'n Loves Waltz

Good Day to Run

Hey Boy

I Saw Linda Yesterday - Just My Luck

Something In The Water - Speak to the Sky - Start Easy - Stick Like Glue

Telepathy - This & That - Toes

Under the Sun

Who Did You Call Darling