Nye danse:

3/9   Baby Come Back To Me Koreograf: Micaela Svensson, Musik: Baby Come Back to Me by Manhattan Transfer video

10/9  Hurry Up,Slow Down ( Årsdans) Koreograf: Séverine Fillion, Musik: Hurry Up, Slow Down by Don Derby video  

17/9  Mama Loo (Årsdans) Koreograf: Maria Maag, Musik: Mama Loo by Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer video

 24/9  Sweet Maureen (Årsdans) Koreograf: Rafel Corbi, Musik: Jambalaya - Sweet Maureen video

1/10  Cheap Talk Koreograf: Gaye Teather, Musik: Talk Is Cheap by Alan Jackson video

22/10  Ready to Roll Baby Koreograf: Kirsten Hansen, Musik: Ready to Roll By Blake Shelton video

29/10 Hello Lady Harley, Koreograf: Jack Taylor, Musik: Hello Lady Harley by Truck Stop video

26/11 All Over the Road Koreograf: June Shuman, Musik: Easton Corbin video

17/12 I Believe in Santa Clause Koreograf: Diana Kale Musik: I Believe in Santa Clause by Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

14/1 Little Wagon Wheel Koreograf: Gaye Teather , Musik: Wagon Wheel by Nathan Carter video

21/1 Whatcha Reckon Koreograf: Sue Smyth , Musik: Whatcha Reckon by Josh Turner video

Repetition 2012/2013 danse:

A Little Higher

Baby Belle - Baby Come Back to Me

D.H.S.S. - Dog River Blues

Good Day to Run

Hey Boy

Living Next Door to Alice

Mini Mariana

Peaches and Cream

Something in the Water - Start Easy - Stupid Cupid - Suså Honky Tonk

This & That

Under the Sun